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Suppori Slings~ feature product

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Suppori slings are made in Japan and are perfect for little ones 5 months to 3 years of age. They are made of a triple woven polyester weigh tested to hold 70 kgs. We of course do not recommend you carrying 70kgs that's why we recommend 15 kgs which is the average weight of a toddler. Suppori is only 80grams in weight so lighter than an iphone....a perfect addition to any nappy bag with it taking up such a small space. SUPPORi supports the C Curve of the baby’s spine. One of the best features of SUPPORi is its elasticity. When you carry your baby SUPPORi, the net fits snug, maintaining baby’s C curve. When little ones are sitting in a suppori your babys legs are flexed and their hip joints sits securely in the socket. This maintains the orthopedically ideal position of the legs ( the M shape). Little ones can get red lines on their legs but similar to a nappy line. Always make sure the suppori sits under their legs almost to their knees.

A suppori is made to fit the wearer. It comes in 5 sizes and requires under bust measurements and your height then simply use our sizing chart to get the right size for you and your little one. Sizing is super important as suppori's will not stretch out and are also not adjustable. If you need help with this please email us at to help you or look at our size chart in images.

Suppori can be worn in the water swimming or in the shower. Mums without baths love these for showering with their babies.